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Who We Are

The Simple Group is a firm specializing in algorithmically driven, quantitative asset management. Our company has proprietary tools ranging from autonomous purchasing of microfinance debt to managing cash through high yield, low risk debt instruments and identifying value in global equities.

Our company is based in California, and the primary markets we conduct business are North America, Latin America, and Asia. The company was founded in 2012.

What Drives Us

We believe that, whether in our urban California homes or in rural third-world communities, nothing is as efficiently allocating capital to drive returns, while also generating primary, secondary, and tertiary impact on the communities.

Our platform allows us to swiftly provide capital to stellar investments on a global scale, and watching the narratives unfold never ceases to amaze us.

How We Do It

We apply our passion, technology, and investment dollars through two primary avenues.

Innovative investment strategies. We look for avenues that utilize automation and deep financial product understanding to achieve optimal returns.

Proprietary Automa™ platform. Automa™, an amalgamation of cloud infrastructure, algorithms, and industry research, allows The Simple Group to understand financial products and market trends quickly and scalably. We employ this proprietary software with every investment strategy we pursue to harness and garner new insights.

Why Work With Us

Our team is attentive to every one of our partners, and we work to solve their problems as if they’re our own. We go the extra mile to get stuff done, especially when it helps us triangulate superior investment ideas.

We are looking for partners that are passionate about returns and impact. For more information, please contact general@thesimplegroup.org.